Guide to Find Crude Oil Buyers in Europe

Published: 13th October 2010
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If you are looking for buyers of mazut m100 (fuel oil), d2 (diesel oil), blco (bonny light crude oil), bitumen (petroleum asphalt) in europe, then there is a genuine way to find them both online and offline. One of the genuine ways to find them online is through the use of business to business sites. Business to business sites contains buyers of crude oil. Most real buyers of crude oil do not like wasting time. They need sellers who can perform, that is a seller who has the product. They also want a seller that can show proof of product before they issue proof of fund. The equation is POP = POF. It should not be any form of POP but it should be one that can be verified and ascertained to be valid and authentic.

Another thing most buyers want is sellers that can work with their own procedure. This is very peculiar to bonny light crude oil and forcados buyers. Most times the first clause on their procedure is: vessel name and location. This is not always the case. BLCO buyers may also want verifiable product allocation certificate from NNPC or details of a loaded vessel so they can verify and proceed to sign a contract. As for mazut 100, jp54, bitumen and d2 buyers, they need sellers that can show POP in form SGS or refinery commitment to produce the crude.

If you are a seller and you are not able to meet the buyer’s preferred criteria above, you do not have to worry. This is so because different buyers have their respective criteria. Some of the online sites where you can find buyers of mazut m100, jp54, bitumen, d2, blco and forcados to sell your product are tradekeys, eczplaza, spaintraders, fuzing and alibaba. This is a few of b2b sites where buyers can be found. You should note that you can hardly find end buyers at these sites. The types of buyers you can find are intermediary buyers. If you want to work with end buyers, then you need to write to refineries who are the end buyers of raw crude oil. As for refined crude oil, you should write to major oil dealers who buy and store at fuel depot from where it is supplied to filling stations to be sold to consumers. Selling raw and refined crude oil to major oil dealers requires the use of professional experience. You need to show something that certifies you as a serious and genuine businessman.

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