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Published: 26th January 2010
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We have many types of open source hotel reservation software but they lack the required features which makes it easy to use. One of the good open source reservation software you should go for is the Reservation Master. It has many features which make the running of your day to day motel reservation stress-free.

With this booking tool, you will be able to get full details about instant info on room availability. It is not always easy to take note of the free and occupied rooms in a hotel. The use of record books can easily create rooms for mistakes if you rely on them. But with this software, a click on your preferred button, be it available rooms, taken room, customer info etc, will show you details about that particular task.

This product is not complex to use at all; hence it is easy to use. It can quickly be installed on your pc in less than 10 minutes. The reservation software is built according to the old method of motel reservation which uses paper booking sheet and pencil that most persons are conversant with. This hotel reservation software referred to as Reservation master is created in English. The striking thing about it is that you could customize the software interface and reports to your preferred language of choice, hence it is an open source software. What you need to do in order to make your preferred language come to place is simply to modify the language file and fill in your translation. This can be done to modify the reports, menu interface and invoices in your language of choice. It also has a simple to use interface created to make moving your selected data which you can make use in other of your tasks.

You can get Reservation Master for hotels, motels, guest houses, bed and breakfast (B&B), campground, lodges and inns at

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